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As a newcomer to Bendigo, how fortunate was I to have Alida Robinson of Bendigo Property Buyers to guide me through the house-buying process?  Alida helped me to clarify what I was looking for in a house, what other facilities I needed to be able to access easily, and any other lifestyle issues that would be important to make my relocation from interstate an easy one.  With these things in mind she arranged for me to inspect houses and locations which either fitted my guidelines or helped me to stretch my imagination to think outside the box, while explaining why she'd brought me to each one.  When we finally found my dream home, Alida negotiated with the vendor on my behalf, arranged pest and building inspections, connected me with a reputable conveyancing company, and took care of all those 'little things' that usually make house hunting such a stressful process.


My advice to anyone looking to enter the property market is to engage Bendigo Property Buyers for professional, affordable service and a stress-free experience.


Jennie M

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