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We would like to thank Alida Robinson of Bendigo Property Buyers for her invaluable assistance in finding us our new home in Bendigo.

Moving from Perth to Bendigo, we faced the daunting task of finding a home during the COVID 19 crisis. Border closures meant we were unable to visit Bendigo and lockdowns provided another level of complexity. We had little knowledge about the local real estate market, not to mention the city itself.

We turned to Bendigo Property Buyers and Alida Robinson to guide us in our property search. Alida proved to be a font of knowledge on all things Bendigo and was unstinting with her time in getting to know us and our needs and wants. Through intuitive questioning, she soon gained an insight as to the type of property we were looking for. Together we shortlisted properties for her to visit. Alida then provided comprehensive feedback on each house, the street, neighbouring properties, suburb and other relevant information. By this time, Alida had come to know us well and was able to ascertain quickly whether a property would suit us or not.

Alida knew immediately when she found the property that it was the one for us. She took her own photos and videos of the house and surrounds so that we had a secondary and independent point of reference. With Alida’s support in arranging building and pest inspections, conveyancing, as well as negotiating the sale price, we bought our new Bendigo home, sight unseen.

Our purchase was a huge leap of faith in anyone’s terms. Meeting Alida at our new home for the first time, several months later, we found she was as friendly, helpful and generous in person as we had found throughout the process of our remote purchase.

We are both thrilled and delighted with our new home. Thank you, Alida: we couldn’t and wouldn’t have done this without your help.

Jennifer and Clayton Massey

October 2020

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